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The Restoration of All Things (Video & Audio)

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Here are five of our GLC (God's Learning Channel) programs. In these programs we deal with the "Restoration of All Things." These programs can be found on Disc 1 of Volume 3 in our "Big Picture" DVD series. I hope you enjoy. (Approximately 2.5 hrs.)

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America: God’s End Time Vineyard

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Shalom everyone! Since this month commemorates the birth of our nation, I thought I would post our six hour teaching, America: God's End Time Vineyard along with our teaching, America: Beginning of the End? (on a different post). Through the years, this teaching has been one of my favorites and, so, I hope it will become one of yours as well.

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America’s Prophetic Patterns

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Hello Gold Page members. Sorry for the delay in the June posting but to make up for it we are posting two different video teachings that are on the same subject. One of them is called "The Purpose of America." This follows the same line as "America: God's End Time Vineyard" but adds a layer that we did not really address in the audio version.

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