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Our Great Responsibility

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Shalom. This is a weekend series of recordings we did in Louisiana that got dubbed "Our Great Responsibility." I have been told by many people that this is one of the most comprehensive and best messages they have heard as it relates to why we are being called back to the Torah and roots of our faith. I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions, but I do believe it is a message that you will enjoy. This teaching incorporates several concepts that we have on other teachings but this one presents them in a fluid and comprehensive way. Overall, this teaching emphasizes the Messiah's purpose and, consequently, our own: to commit wholeheartedly that the two might become one.

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Hebrew Treasures – Session 3: Gimel

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Shalom. This is session three in our Hebrew Treasures series. This teaching focuses on the letter gimel and emphasizes the concept of unity. I hope you enjoy. (Approximately 50 minutes).

If your internet speed does not allow for viewing the video the audio version is below.

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Hebrew Basics: Session 3

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Shalom everyone. Here is session three of our Hebrew Basics teaching. This is, of course, learning to read and write Hebrew. If you haven't viewed the first two sessions you should do that before viewing this teaching. I hope this will help you in your pursuit of the roots of your faith.

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On The Third Day (Video & Audio)

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These programs address the timing of the revelation of things, and even people, that God has concealed. Joseph, Moses and Esther are examples of the fact that when He does conceal people, it is that all Israel might be saved. We also learn that, typically, they are revealed on the Third Day. (Approximately 2 hrs.)

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