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Trick or Treat: The Wicked Truth About Halloween

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Since its that time of year, I thought I would post this teaching we did a long time ago for those of you who want to brush up on the facts about this "holiday." (Approximately 90 minutes)


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The Flashlight Message (HRN conference message)

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Shalom everyone! This is the message that I presented at the Hebraic Roots Network conference this past summer. When trying to come up with a title for it, the best I could think of is what everyone else was calling it - the Flashlight message. So I'll stick with that. Here it is and I hope you get something from it. (Approximately 70 minutes).

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Lowery Conference Messages (audio version only)

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Shalom! These were messages I presented at T.L. Lowery's recent conference, here they are. Each message is about 70 minutes.




Lowery Conference Messages

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Shalom! These are two sessions I presented at a prophecy conference hosted by T.L. Lowery in Cleveland, TN back in August. The theme of the messages was being a "called out people" and a "light to the nations." I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 2.5 hrs.

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