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Prophecy Summit: Session 1

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Shalom! This is the first of three messages that I gave at the recent Prophecy Summit, hosted by Perry Stone. - hope you will enjoy. Approximately 70 minutes.

P.S. I have included an audio version for those who can't view the video.

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Lastest Update on the Studio Project

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Will We Keep It?

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“The teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and entwined with our whole civic and social life that it would be literally - I do not mean figuratively, I mean literally - impossible for us to figure to ourselves what life would be if these teachings were removed.” - Theodore Roosevelt

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Clean From Unclean

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Shalom. Here is a message I gave at El Shaddai in Tacoma WA (Mark Biltz's congregation) at the end of June.

There are some preliminaries, announcements and music during the video, so if you want to go straight to the teaching, the first part begins at about 10:45 and goes until about 42.40. There is an approximate 15 break and part two of the teaching resumes at 59:00 and goes to about 1:37:40. Hope you enjoy.

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Hebrew Treasures: Tzadik

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Shalom everyone! Here is our latest installment in the Hebrew Treasures series. In this segment we discuss the word for "righteous" or "just" which is Tzadik. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 18 minutes.

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