America: Beginning of the End? (Audio)

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In light of recent events, I wanted to repost this series I did about two years ago. See if you think its still relevant - America: Beginning of the End?. Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 2 hrs.)




America: Beginning of the End
In this two hour teaching we explore what is going on in American society and politics and compare it to what the Founders envisioned. We also take a look at some highlights in American history to see if we can ascertain what the Father envisioned when He providentially raised up this nation to be an end-time superpower. In the end we see that, for His purposes to come to pass, our purpose must come to an end. In this teaching we discuss:  The myth of democracy  What the Founders had to say about the Republic  How the Laodicean and Philadelphian congregations relate to America's history.  The Constitution and the Torah.  What the present Administration plans for America.  Much more
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3 Responses to America: Beginning of the End? (Audio)

  1. Steve says:


    You are right on target with this message. One of the first things that a first year law student learns is that the judiciary considers themselves to be the final arbiters of the Constitution (where is that found in the Constitution by the way?) and the Constitution is an “organic” document, which is “code talk” meaning that they can change it as they see fit (and they have). They, and the entire legal profession, have been the primary promoters of the way of Cain and Nimrod, which includes the corporation (which enables a few wicked people to wield tremendous influence) as the preeminent force in the world. Consider that the corporation has only a few purposes: (1) to limit liability or accountability for misconduct (which is inherently at odds with the scriptures which insist on accountability) and (2) to allow for exponential growth, accumulation of resources, and a perpetual existence (which again is inherently at odds with the generational turnover found scripture which helps to inhibit the promulgation of evil. The judiciary has went out of there way for over 150 years promoting this policy and to inhibit any effort to forestall it.

  2. Jim Fincham says:

    Wow Bill. I cannot say I enjoyed this. But I do find it the most essential teaching on our role in the world today I have ever heard. Wow. I have had all these questions about how do I conduct myself as a child of Yah in these end times. Now I have a basis on which to make some all importand decisions. Yah has blessed you and me with your offering.

    Praise Yah! How humbling it must be for you that He has chosen you to be among His teachers to prepare for the harvest to shortly come. Thanks Brother. You are a friend among a very few who I can recognize as a friend of our Master Yahshua. May we all receive the strength and courage necessary to fulfill our individual roles in this thrilling coming event in this journey.

    Jim Fincham

    • Bill says:

      Jim. Those are very comforting and encouraging words. Trust me – I am humbled to be in the position I’ve been placed in and constantly amazed he continues to want to use me in this manner. Keep us in your prayers brother. Shalom!

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