Come Out of Her: Abraham’s Journey

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Shalom! This part three of a seven-part series we did on HRN last year called, Come Out of Her. This session emphasizes what is revealed about Abraham through the journey from Babylon to Mount Moriah. I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 55 minutes.

P.S. I have included an audio version for those who can't view the video.


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4 Responses to Come Out of Her: Abraham’s Journey

  1. Nicola Broughton says:

    Great teaching!! And as always, very timely. Thank you.

  2. Jim Fincham says:

    Bill; Shalom! I am enjoying (?) these teachings on Abram/Abraham. Interesting how you are developing the “maturing” of our Patriach, even though he was initially obedient in leaving his homeland, he had not totally “died” to himself. I see this journey in myself. Stepping from one challenge (death?) to the next and maturing in ways I had never understood. Being in our place and fulfilling our purpose seems to be a growth cycle of death, whereupon we find increasing life in our Master YHWH. The development of the Bride/Children of Yah is an essential understanding for which the earth waits and groans in anticipation thereof. Again you have a gift of developing this understanding. I am realizing that none of us know the path whereby we will accomplish our Masters purposes, and it is not our concern anyway, since it is His work. It is simply for us to be obedient and willing to move out in faith, one step at a time where ever we find our selves, until He moves us to our next death opportunity, where we will function more perfectly according to His design. I can’t thank you enough for your anointed efforts. Jim

  3. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    Treasure….., real treasure…… thanks Bill….
    Dios Te Bendiga…..

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