Come Out of Her: The Hunters

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Shalom! This part four of a seven-part series we did on HRN last year called, Come Out of Her. This session turns a corner and looks at what happens when the hunters arise. I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 55 minutes.

P.S. I have included an audio version for those who can't view the video.


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  1. Jim Fincham says:

    Bill; again, great insight. Would not those who leave Babylon early be as the Ephriamites who left 30 years early, risk the same fate as the other Ephriamites experienced? Are we not, the ones who responded to the fishers, called as you have said, to fulfill our purpose in our place, waiting on our Creator to come and take us home by a “Mighty Hand”? Knowing what is happening and what must follow, I see how tempting it would be to make our own “Exodus”. Perhaps we should be grateful that at least this point, going home is not possible due to rabbinical control. I have read that the secular political side in Israel are considering taking jurisdiction of Aliyah away from the Rabbis. If that happens, what is the proper response?

    Thanks Bill your teachings are a great blessing in my life. I pray Yah will continue to bless you and watch over your every move.


    • Bill says:

      Jim; I think it is incredibly important that we are on His timetable and don’t jump the gun because things are getting uncomfortable. The legend concerning the Ephraimites is intriguing and, perhaps, a warning. I have long been of the opinion that Israel is not ready for us and we are not ready for Israel in spite of the chatter on this end to the contrary. I believe that the Creator alone orchestrates the circumstances that makes it crystal clear when that time is. When they ate the Passover, there was no ambiguity about the time of departure. Thanks for the kind comments and shalom.

  2. Amanda Jacobsen says:

    Thank you, faithful fisherman, for this pertinent and excellent message.

  3. Ester says:

    What we want is NOT what we need! Amein!
    Do not be ensnared!
    Thank you, Bill, super insights.

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