Come Out of Her: They Journeyed From the East

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Shalom! This part five of a seven-part series we did on HRN last year called, Come Out of Her. This session focuses on the fact that those who built Babylon did so after journeying "from the east." The implications for our day are striking. I hope you will enjoy. Approximately 55 minutes.

P.S. I have included an audio version for those who can't view the video.


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8 Responses to Come Out of Her: They Journeyed From the East

  1. WEEZER says:

    Bill Cloud,

    I THANK GOD for all HE is doing thru you…….

  2. Kim Sanford says:

    I never tire of this message!

  3. Jim Fincham says:

    Kadosh vs Kadesah, are these not male vs female gender words? I am not a Hebrew expert, but I seem to remember the ah as the feminine of the word. If that is true, you can go on for a long time talking about mixing and mingling and drifting away from Kadosh. Even if they are not, there is a lot of room for teaching.

    Being a Soil Scientist, I have been watching how agriculture has been mixing and mixing from a genetic perspective, as well as the practice of agriculture itself, from the use of fertilizers (how they are applied not the fact they are used) to lack of tillage (where the mixing of the soil is a good thing), to the use of huge, heavy machines that compact the soil.

    I also have been studying for years about how the government is requiring/approving additives in our foods that are brain excitotoxins, that cause inflammation in the body, that then results in the release of hormones in the body that are meant to neutralize the inflammation, but since they are being continually released, the body begins to shut down or go into overdrive, causing cancers and all kinds of fatal health issues. See the Blaylock Wellness report from thiings like High fructose corn syrup, “natural flavoring”, autolized yeast extracts, on and on, that are the brain exitotoxins that slowly kill you. Symptoms of this condition, are weight gain, pain, cloudy thinking brain cancers. According to Blaylock, brain excititoxins are involved in a majority of societies ills and it is all diet related.

    It is amazing how genetics has altered the nutrient composition of corn, protein is way down, carbohydrates way up, vitamin content way down, mineral content way down, all because soil fertility is extremely low, causing fragile soil structure that is easily compacted by the heavy machinery, further restricting accessibility of nutrients from plant roots. Genetics has actually caused a reduced volume of roots within the soil, which in turn reduces the amount of organic matter that remains in the soil which organic matter is the primary contributor to soil structure which then resists the compaction. To me, all that modern agriculture is accomplishing is the degradation of the food supply which will lead in a linear manner to a nutritional “cliff” which ends in death. You could say we are slowly being poisoned with a food supply devoid of nutrition. No body notices because these additives enhance flavor, mostly be making it sweeter.

    Eddie made a statement several years ago that he was not reprinting his books, since in his opionion, if people did not have the basics at the time, there was not enough time left to learn them.

    Not sure I agree with that, but if we totally abandon or “come out of” our society, how can we testify of our Messiah and His truth? Very seldom do people show any interest in hearing, though they thing they are obeying, but without the Truth of Torah, are they not just obeying the lie? I seem to understand that after Salvation, works, being based upon truth is what establishes your place in the Kingdom of Yah. I would really appreciate your view on that statement. I have found many who say that after Salvation, which is free, that works are not required. My response is OK, if you are happy coming before your creator with nothing to show for the free gift you received. To me that is least in the Kingdom which would strike me as a total embarrassment to self and absolute free loading insult to our Creator. Brads teachings of bearing fruit that Yah might plant seeds and then nuture them. It is Yah’s great work, but we need to show “interest” (there is a play on words) to show ourselves approved and trustworthy that we obey with our righteous works. EH?

    Bill I can’t tell you how precious your teachings have become. I think you have my information, be glad to discuss with you.

    Shalom Shalom

    Jim Fincham

    • Bill says:

      Jim; First of all, yes, kedeshah is the feminine form of kadosh, although kedeshah is translated “harlot.” As far as “mixing” goes, well as you point out, it is in every facet of life. When it comes to the concept of “come out,” I do not mean nor do I believe Scripture teaches that we are to remove ourselves in an act of physical isolation. We are to come out of the way of thinking and living that permeates society. If we are salt the purpose is to season, even make thirsty and you can’t do that unless you engage people. If we are a city set on a hill, it must be visible to all. As far as how much time is left, I don’t know, but Messiah said to “occupy UNTIL He comes” – not until it looks like He is about to return. Shalom and thanks for being part of this site.

    • Ester says:

      Hi brother Jim, If I may budge in here, you might be interested in
      where Dr Walsh trains medical practiioners on nutritional medicine on various aspects of illnesses like autism, bipolar, mental illness and such.

      Love what you wrote here on us being poisoned and dying for lack of proper nutrition, which many folks are becoming aware of, yet many just cannot be bothered to check ingredients, for example.


  4. Jim Fincham says:

    Thanks Bill, found out why I seemed to be counselled to be “conservative” this spring in a financial way. Transmission gave out again and had to be repaired for work purposes. I agree, we stay where we are and be visible. I get to talk to a lot a people, but can’t seem to get anyone to come and study or keep Shabbat. I am sure one day there may be more than I anticipate. Be blessed my brother. Your work is of great value to many of us. Jim

    • Bill says:

      Jim. Thanks brother for the comment. I believe that if we focus on what the Father has given us to do and do it where He has placed us, as circumstances change, those who don’t want to listen now will be inclined to listen later. In the meantime, we must draw closer to Him that we may give them what they need and not what we want them to have. Shalom.

  5. Ester says:

    HalleluYAH, it’s truths like what brother Bill teaches here that set believers free from deception that has been ingrained in them through the church Babylonion/Western mindset.

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