Diagnosis of a Dying Church

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Because you asked for it.

This is one of our "oldies but goodies" a subscriber asked that we post on the site, so here it is. It's called Diagnosis of a Dying Church. It is a teaching I did years ago that attempted to demonstrate why we need less pizzazz in our congregations and more virtue. I hope you will enjoy it. (Approximately 2 hours)


Part 1


Part 2



Diagnosis of a Dying Church
This is Bill's teaching on the importance of exhibiting virtue and producing fruit over possessing gifts and charisma. Approximately 2 hours. Download Note: We appreciate your support and hope you get enjoyment from this teaching. We respectively request that you please refrain from posting this teaching on other websites and social media including Facebook and YouTube. We also request that you do not reproduce these teachings on DVD or CD for unauthorized distribution. You may reproduce these teachings for the following exceptions:
  • Your own personal use.
  • For use in a Bible Study setting.
  • Widows and others financially incapable of obtaining these teachings.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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2 Responses to Diagnosis of a Dying Church

  1. Rocky Jackson says:

    Well Bill , I have to tell ya I think I got a copy of this message as far back as a visit to see you in Maryland years back or maybe when we were lucky enough to get you in CNY.
    Never the less I hadn’t listened to it , but this morning when I was looking for Emor I found this and began listening ….

    As the truth of this went along from part one unto part Two I was hearing more and more SO PERTINENT to my life and how things are in the Mispocha also …

    But when you mentioned Rocky …..enough said …

    I can’t thank you enough AGAIN for being whom you are in YHVH …a Man of Virtue !


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