Earthquake In Japan: The Sea and Waves Roaring

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Shalom everyone. Last month is was a political shakeup in Egypt; this month Japan suffers from a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that leaves thousands dead in its wake. Is it possible that these two events are somehow related? The Bible tells us that there is coming a day when God will shake "heaven and earth" to determine those things worthy of standing and those that are not. Frequent and intense earthquakes and tsunamis are one of the indicators that, perhaps, this is about to happen.

In this message, I present why these kind of events are signs of the times but not necessarily to the ones you would suppose. These signs are oftentimes dismissed by the world as nothing more than the perils of "life." In other words, the world is not listening. Therefore, if these are signs, it is to the believer because judgment MUST begin in the house of God. Why is He trying to get our attention? It is because we need to awake out of our spiritual slumber. Y'shua said when you see the "sea and waves roaring . . . .  look up, lift up your head for your redemption is at hand. I hope you're blessed. (Approximately 1 hour)



End Time Observation: Sea and the Waves Roaring
On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan killing scores of people only to be followed moments later by a more deadly tsunami. A quake so powerful as to move the entire island of Japan 8 feet should not be interpreted as just another unfortunate catastrophe. It is an indication that the creation is manifesting birth pangs - but why? In this message, Bill presents what he believes to be evidence that these type of events should not be considered as a sign to the unbeliever exclusively. To the contrary, these signs are to be understood as the Creator speaking to His people through His Creation. Moreover, what are the signs of the times supposed to be pointing to? Armageddon? Doom and gloom? The end of the world? According to the Bible these things are a sign to believers that our redemption is at hand. (Approximately 1 hour) Teaching Highlights:
  • How these events are the beginning of birth pains.
  • What the Bible has to say about future earthquakes.
  • Why we can be sure these events are speaking to us.
  • How, at times, earthquakes help God's people.

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    Good perspective Bill. Good teaching.

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    Eye opener It was great thank you so much

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