Engraved in Stone (Written on Our Hearts)

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Shalom everyone. These are recordings from a Shavuot conference we spoke at in Anchorage, AK this past June. These teachings were presented to a group comprised of Messianics, mainstream Christians and those somewhat in between. The emphasis was to show all that the Creator's instructions are for ALL of His people.

Many of the topics covered are issues we have addressed in times past but are presented in a manner designed to answer questions many have, when trying to reconcile what religion has taught them as opposed to what the Bible says. Specifically, we attempt to establish our identity in Messiah as being part of His people, Israel, and the responsibility that goes with that identity. Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 6 hrs.)

P.S. The audio had to be enhanced and may fluctuate somewhat but we thought the messages were such that we wanted to make it available anyway.







Engraved In Stone: Written In Our Hearts (5 parts)
These recordings are from a Shavuot conference held in Anchorage, AK in June 2011. Spanning many topics, Bill's emphasis is to show that the Creator's instructions are for ALL of His people and that our identity in Messiah makes us part of His people, Israel. Many of the topics covered are issues Bill has addressed in times past but are presented in a manner designed to answer questions many have, when trying to reconcile what religion has taught them as opposed to what the Bible says. Specifically, Bill attempts to overcome the theological barriers that prevent Christians from understanding their identity, their responsibility and their purpose in these last days. (Approximately 6 hrs.)
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7 Responses to Engraved in Stone (Written on Our Hearts)

  1. Ester says:

    Wow, Bill, what wonderful insights! I’m still listening to Pt 2, but can’t help commenting before listening further. :-))
    SOOO uplifting, as I’ve recently encountered such an experience, with ‘believers’
    who seemingly are interested in Hebraic roots of the Word, but…they are more keen to assert their ‘church’ understanding than listen to what they were to listen to in programmes such as these that would set them free.
    The Scriptures are not an appeal to the tares indeed, sadly.
    Thank you, Bill.

    • Bill says:

      Ester; Thanks so much for the thoughtful words. I would really appreciate your feedback and anyone else who listens to this teaching. I’m thinking of putting it on our website and making it available to the public (later) as an album. Need to know what our blog members think.

  2. Darlene says:


    Well I had wanted to listen to this and do it all at one time. I did that today on Shabbat. It was really wonderful and I tried to take notes as you were speaking. It was wonderful in the sense that it confirmed a lot to me regarding this “death” that I feel is in the air and my wondering to an extent WHY I kept absorbing things about it. Why I desired it, why I read teachings about it, etc., etc. Well, I would like to listen to the last portion again. But let me tell you that was brutal on my flesh : ) So THIS is death I thought to myself.

    And this is as it should be. Thanks Bill, there are a lot of pieces coming together that will eventually form this whole masterpiece of His plan. This is the message we need to be hearing and hearing over again. May we all grow in our walk with Him to the place of hearing and then doing. Your ministry remains an encouragement to reamin steadfast.


  3. Dana Page says:

    Hi Bill,

    In a little more than 1 week I have nearly filled a 150 page notebook with notes from your lessons. Although my head is spinning with new revelation, I can’t stop listening. It is incredible to see scriptures unfold and reveal “hidden” truths. I can’t imagine anything else being more exciting than this!

    Would you comment on Eve being taken from Adam’s side and the “church” being grafted into Israel’s side? Is there a connection?

    Thank you for sharing your insights and teaching with us.

    Dana Page

    • Bill says:

      Dana; Glad to hear that the teachings are being helpful and keeping you busy. As far as your question, the answer to that one is in the teaching “That the Two May be One” (here on the blog) and “Unto One Flesh.” It is too lengthy to cover in a comment. Check out those teachings and see if they don’t answer your question. Shalom.

  4. Norseman says:

    This is a “best of” teaching, and like the individual components, it deserves a “five star” rating. I would make the spiritual application that the natural food laws refer to words that we “eat,” and that like Daniel, we need to reject the spiritual swine’s flesh of the king of Babylon, the god of this world, such as television programming, movies, drums in music, and most other communications (even “christian”). I know how “tasty” (and addictive) it is, being only about four years removed from it, and that it takes a miracle to be delivered from it (let alone realize the need to be delivered from it), but all things are possible to those who believe.

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