Enmity: A Revived Rome?

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Shalom everyone. These next four sessions in our video series, Enmity Between the Seeds explores the long-held notion that the Beast comes from a revived Roman empire. We believe Scripture may cast some doubt on that theory. Hope you enjoy. Approximately 2 hours.

For those unable to view the videos, I have included the audio version below. Don't forget to view the outline provided in PDF.


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5 Responses to Enmity: A Revived Rome?

  1. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    Shalom Bill;
    What a great revelation you give here…. For many years I have always known that the way the “antichrist” has been taught in the mainstream of Christianity did not make any sense… What I understood is that the King of Babylon was being given a revelation of what will happen to “HIS” future Kingdom. To me that underscores the fact that he was being shown what would transpire in “HIS KINGDOM” throughout the ages…, Again, “HIS KINGDOM”…
    From head to toe is a picture of a complete body….. “HIS BODY”…. how hard is that to understand ?
    Many see the Anti-Christ as an individual, but Christ stated that the “spirit” of Anti-Christ was already at work in their day….. I believe people get caught up in this word and don’t really understand it’s definition….
    Plain and simple……, Anti-Christ means everyone that denies Christ, period….., it doesn’t matter for what reasons they do, it just describes and defines all who are Anti-Messiah……. And to those who lack the ability to understand the “Spirit of Anti- Christ”, I would refer them to Ephesians 6:12 and remind them what we truly wrestle with…..
    Though there will be one particular individual who will lead the charge, so to speak, the fact remains the same, everyone that is Anti-Messiah.

    Thank you Bill, for bringing to light this deep truth I have carried for so long, with no one to be in agreement with….. What you have done is given me confirmation of a truth the Lord revealed to me, and let me know, I am not alone….


  2. Norseman says:

    The scriptures interpret the scriptures. This teaching corrects some of my errors and simplifies matters for me. By using the scriptures to interpret the scriptures you refute the popular series of non-fiction books on the end of this current social order which are a partial fulfillment of one of the signs that would occur in the last days which is that people would be given over to fables.

  3. Norseman says:

    . . . I stand corrected, the (Left Behind) series is fiction.

  4. Darlene says:

    Could it be that Rome is merely a live picture of the ultimate in anti-messiah in that it sets itself up to be “the standard” against that which He has said will be the standard? Rome diminishes YaHshua by portraying Him both as baby and defeated (crucified). Mary is set up to be worshipped. The true Messiah is misrepresented and downplayed. I see that the ultimate in the anti-messiah spirit is when we do the same. He has ONE people led by ONE Elohim, the Holy One of Israel. He has ONE established covenant and ONE word that governs it and ONE Messiah who was sent to BE the standard and the King. Only He has lived up to the kingdom requirements.

    I see Rome as a “ruling authority” that has set out to change His laws in order to keep their rule intact. They have also (in a sense) set themselves up as a standard (He has not done so). Any threat against their kingdom is deemed an enemy when the real enemy is within. For me it is a great example of my own deception and desire to do the same. It is I who would seek to change His law and rule over my own life in order to pursue my own thing and then justify it by setting myself up as self-righteous in doing so. Quite a bit there to chew on. The point is, when one points : ), he is forgetting to look within at the characteristics prevalent in our enemy. Self-righteousness is the most deceptive of all. Rome is the fig leave aprons of Adam and Eve and could be deemed the “spiritual” Babylon. It has birthed another god and religious source by which the anti-messiah spirit breeds and gives birth to other concepts that lie against the truth.


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