Enmity Between the Seeds: The Sons of God

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Shalom everyone. These three programs continue our video series, Enmity Between the Seeds. These programs focus on the identity of the Sons of God, specifically dealing with the mysterious "sons of God" in Genesis 6. Approximately 1.5 hours.

For those unable to view the videos, I have included the audio version below.








Enmity - Sons of God PDF





3 Responses to Enmity Between the Seeds: The Sons of God

  1. Ester says:

    Thank you, Bill, I absolutely believe the nephilim are NOT the fallen angels!
    Reason that they are spiritual beings and cannot reproduce having no seed.
    Very clear teachings and emphasis on the mixing of clean and unclean.
    Good point you brought out on Qayin and Hevel being conceived before the fall;
    never saw that before, thus they were sons of YAH. Makes sense.

  2. Norseman says:

    According to Strongs concordance, the Aramaic “bar enosh” is also used in Daniel 5:21, though translated in the plural, and the word, “enosh,” is used extensively in the Aramaic portion of Daniel to refer to men other than the Messiah. Nevertheless, I agree with your conclusion in general and I believe Psalm 80:17 may be the scripture (or one of the scriptures) to which Jesus refers when utilizing what I consider to be a peculiar reference to himself as the “son of man.” Probably, Jesus had many reasons for using that reference, but that seems to be one of them. As to the reference that your contributor adds, spiritual beings, including angels, apparently can reproduce. Jesus referred to Satan, a fallen arch angel, as the father of (some of) the Pharisees. John 8:44 The scriptures don’t say one way or the other whether angels can have that kind of physical, rather than spiritual, manifestation, but there are numerous scriptures that refer to their physical manifestations in other ways and relations.

  3. Norseman says:

    By the way, I believe that Daniel 5:21 also refers to the preincarnate Jesus, but I might be the only person who believes that. If a person is driven from the Jesus, he/she will become animal-like, as Nebuchadnezzar did. So, the only two “sons of enosh” references, in my opinion, refer to the preincarnate Jesus.

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