Enmity: The Mark of Cain

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Shalom everyone. These next four sessions in our video series, Enmity Between the Seeds focuses on the characteristics and prophetic implications of the world's first murderer - Cain. This is fascinating information and I hope you enjoy. Approximately 2 hours.

For those unable to view the videos, I have included the audio version below. Don't forget to view the outline provided in PDF.


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5 Responses to Enmity: The Mark of Cain

  1. Norseman says:

    You don’t have to apologize for repetition. I think it is a very good thing. Supposedly, a person has to be exposed to an item eight times before it is learned. Furthermore, there has been a lot of false doctrine, so much repetition is useful in displacing it.

    I think Cain’s hiding goes further. The wicked commonly extract blessings from the righteous to benefit themselves. Obviously, this occurs through outright theft. However, it also occurs through taxation, where many wicked persons are inappropriately benefitted and evil purposes are furthered. This not only occurs through supporting abortion, but also the welfare state is primarily for that purpose. Many billions of tax dollars are sent to nations that are dominated by muslims (where homosexuality is rampant). Corporations provide a means for God’s blessings on the righteous to be appropriated for the wicked. Not only do the people at the top, who “earn” hundreds of millions of dollars per year (how do you actually “earn” that much anyway), inappropriately benefit from the blessings on the righteous, but the lazy and manipulative persons throughout the corporation do so as well. Of course, the oil producing nations that are primarily dominated by muslims wouldn’t have any wealth but for the nations that historically have been blessed by God. I recently read of a story of a corporation from the United Arab Emirates that basically exists because it stole the mining tire design and technology from a United States business.

  2. Rick says:

    The spirit of ‘hiding’ is manifesting to me all those who cover up in the name of their beliefs, from hooded sweatshirts to hooded klansman, (same spirit pulling the stings yet dividing us in the natural) (coming soon to a country near you), likewise those who cover their faces in the Mideast and as I live in Louisiana, perhaps, Mardi Gras? I’m open to hearing others in their, ‘charac’TARE’ istic’ hunt.
    Bill, keep repeating the message, its a great ‘rut of righteousness!

  3. Fred Mensah says:

    Shalom Bill, nice teaching but the question still remains…who was Qayin’s wife? It sounds silly to ask since it is not in the Scriptures,but I was wondering if….maybe…you knew some….thing?

    • Bill says:

      Fred; my OPINION is this: Scripture says that Eve’s child bearing and suffering would be “multiplied” as a result of her sin. You can’t multiply something that hasn’t happened. In other words, perhaps there were other children not mentioned and if they were before the fall, they could have already begun to fulfill the commandment to multiply and fill the earth. Furthermore, we cant be real sure of how long man was in the Garden before the fall. Maybe this explains where Cain got his wife.

  4. Darlene says:

    In comment to the above line of thought, we know that YHVH “TOOK” Adam and “PLACED” him in the garden. So was he dwelling somewhere else before then? There were other dwelling places and this is where Cain feared being killed by inhabitants of those dwelling places. It is kind of like he was marked having being born “out of” the garden relationship and now wanted to dwell among those who were not in relationship with the Holy One of Israel. When I did a word search on “took” it meant intimacy. In essence it was a desire to be intimate with a people or with mankind that gave man spirit life or indwelling. It makes sense that the opposite would be true, non-relationship or even false worship causes spiritual death. In any case, we assume Adam and Eve were the first human beings created, the scriptures never say that. It is clear there are other places and other people, if not who built the cities that Cain built and who did he fear being murdered by?


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