For What It’s Worth (Apr. 21, 2013)

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Shalom everyone; Here's a thought from the "What Its Worth" Dept. As you know, last Monday, April 15, three people were killed and dozens more severely wounded by two homemade bombs allegedly set by two Chechen, supposedly Muslim, brothers. For a few days, the city of Boston was essentially shut down as authorities looked for these terrorists. There are a lot of questions to be answered about this event including was this an organized strike or just a couple of kids taking matters into their own hands. Truth be told, we may never know the real story. This post is not intended to prompt all the different conspiracy theories that already surround this case. What I do wish to comment on is the timing, specifically April 15 - to do that, let me go back a few years.

When I was about 8-9 years old, I was standing in the parking lot of the Eighth Ave. Church of God in Albany GA, looking up at the stars in the night sky. As I stared at God's handiwork, a voice (not an audible voice) spoke something very strange to me - "Be ware of April 14-15." I know what you're thinking but, remember, I said at the outset: "Take it for what its worth." Anyway, I can close my eyes today and still see the scene and hear the voice. I've always carried that "warning?" with me. I even told my wife about it years ago.

Jump forward twenty years or so. I'm reading a book entitled, "A Night To Remember" by Sir Walter Lord. The book is one of the earliest re-tellings of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Many things about this story intrigued me and convinced me that the Titanic is a parable for the world at large but, I believe, the United States in particular. Most people aren't aware of the fact that, though designed, built and manned by British, it was actually owned by Americans. Now to the main point: it struck an iceberg at about 11:40 PM on April 14, 1912 and sank about 2:00 AM on April 15, 1912.

Already encouraged to look at every angle of this story, I decided to convert those dates into the Hebrew calendar. Frankly, I didn't see any significance in the results but when I substituted the Hebrew characters for the dates 14 and 15, I saw something that "may" - I repeat "may" - hint at bigger things.

It was about this time that I remembered another historical tragedy - the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The sixteenth President was shot in the head on Friday evening, April 14, 1865 and died about 7 AM on April 15, 1865. That these two catastrophic events, though separated by 47 years of time, were linked together by their date, to me, was either a great big cosmic coincidence or something was being conveyed through the tragedies.

In both cases, beyond the deaths of human beings, the world of their time changed forever. In both cases, people's confidence and sense of security was shattered. Here is why this is important in light of the recent events in Boston. The Hebrew characters that would represent "14" are yod and dalet. Together these characters spell the word yad or "hand." The characters that would form the value "15" are yod and hei. Together these letters form the name Yah. Coupled, these two words would suggest that in the events of 1865 and 1912 we see the "hand of Yah (God)."

No, I am not saying that the Creator directed J. Wilkes Booth to shoot Lincoln; I am not saying that God wanted the Titanic to sink. Furthermore, seeing that the Boston bombing occurred on April 15, 2013, I'm not saying that the Creator directed those two men to murder and maim their victims. I am saying that through all these events a clear message comes through - the hand of God is always at work to accomplish His will and sometimes that means those things we trust and confide in must be exposed for what they are -  fallible and temporal.

In 1912, many thought the Titanic was "virtually unsinkable" and, yet, it sunk - not because of an iceberg but because of the pride people placed in the works of their hands. Until last Monday, many Americans thought that, for all practical purposes, the "terrorists" had been defeated. However, we found out just how vulnerable and weak we really are. Not only that, we realized how just two men (maybe more) can bring a city of almost 1 million people to a practical stand still just because we're afraid. I don't know about you but I see the "hand of God" in this.

The people of Boston and the surrounding area (not to mention most of America) are celebrating now because they feel the crisis has passed. At Fenway, one ballplayer defiantly declared for all to hear, "This is our [expletive] city." Chants of "USA, USA" filled the streets in celebration of the capture of the second bomber. Interestingly, all of this culminated on April 19 - 238 years to the day that the "shot heard 'round the world" was fired at Concord MA, less than twenty miles west of Boston. Two centuries ago, brave Americans faced down the British regulars and initiated a bitter struggle against the most powerful army on earth. Just a few days ago, Bostonians and the outlying areas were afraid to venture out of their homes for fear of two young men.

This story has many tentacles - too many to go into here. I just thought I'd point out that another significant event has occurred on, what I believe to be, a significant date. Furthermore, this event occurred in what is known as the "cradle of liberty." In its aftermath, heavily-armed officers were going into homes, door-to-door, without warrants searching people's homes - all because of fear. Is this a harbinger of things to come? I perceive the "hand of God" in all this. What about you?



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  1. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    I believe that a cup of trembling is being served upon the nations and especially America… How else is our Lord supposed to cleanse the stain of His people’s garments? Whether they be the bride; or the wedding guests….
    Trembling and weeping leads the heart of soul to seek our Heavenly Father and that is “exactly” what this world and this nation needs…
    JEREMIAH : 29: 11-13
    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
    Then shall you go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
    And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart…
    As you’ve said Bill; “Judgement” is either good or evil depending which side of the line you are standing on….
    Are not the righteous and innocent also sacrificed for the Honor of the Kingdom in the war against those who choose to walk in darkness?
    The one true thing that anchors me is that my life and the lives of all my loved ones are and have always been in the Lord’s hands… What shall I fear ?
    The Lords refining fire removes all; until nothing is left but a pure trusting cleansed heart..
    Shalom to all…
    Are these events not

  2. Ester says:

    It is such a sad day not just for US, but for the world at large. That ‘human beings’ can go to such extremes without any conscience to hurt and maim folks, to destroy precious lives is getting scarier and scarier by the day. Are they so possessed by transgressions and evil that they are numbed to have any feelings left in their beings?!

    We thank ABBA YHWH that we know He is in control, that He will restore all things -justice and values in His time and SOON, Amein!
    We know Light will always triumph over darkness!!
    Our prayers go forth to the ones who are hurting, and for families who need courage and strength to stand by their loved ones and that they will call upon ABBA YHWH
    in their time of great need.
    ABBA, please hear their cries! Amein! YOU know who is behind all these events, and You will expose them. Amein!

  3. Linda says:

    Shalom Bill,

    I believe you are on to something here. Why? Well, look at the timing of the coming blood moon and sackcloth suns in 2014 & 2015. Why are these important? I believe it has to do with Rev 6:12 “And I looked when He opened the sixth seal and saw a great earthquake came to be. And the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood. 13 And the stars of the heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its unripe figs, being shaken by a strong wind.” and Rev 16:19 “And the great city became divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And great Babel was remembered before Elohim, to give her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.”

    Now understanding that Babel simply represents faiths (man made dogma of Judaism, Christianity & Islam), how can we apply this to that? Is the city of Jerusalem currently divided by three religious faiths? We know that only one faith will stand in the end, those whose veil has been lifted when they cry out in shame because of the one whom they pierced? (both Jew & Gentile (Isa 8:14))

    Are the upcoming signs of Rev 6 and the fulfillment of Rev 16 the signs of the beginning of the 1260 days, the 42 months just prior to His return? I believe with all my heart that it is. And I also believe that there is a great message to those who think of getting out via a pre-trib or by way of escape to the mountains. Did not Moses tell them in the wilderness to stand still and see their deliverance? Now consider this …

    Rev 6:15 And the sovereigns of the earth, and the great ones, and the rich ones, and the commanders, and the mighty, and every slave and every free one, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, 17 because the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

    Is not fleeing rather than standing still where He planted us not the same as ‘hiding ones self from His face’? Did He have Moses tell them to flee the last of the plagues in Egypt or did He tell Moses to tell them to stay where their homes were and then at the final plague to shut the door until the wrath had passed? Did He tell Moses to assign many messengers and lead them out to different places or did He gather them all into one place after the wrath had passed and then lead them out Himself?

    So the way I see it, it is not that America just needs to stand with Israel, America needs to repent and stand with those in Israel who practice truth, His truth, His true faith, whether or not they at this time they believe that Yeshua is the true Messiah, but rather that they believe in the Word of God that comes left of Matthew and that all that was said left of Matthew applies to their daily lives because that Word never changes, it endures forever, for all eternity as it was meant to be from the beginning.

    Praise Abba Yahweh, I am quite content to stand still where He has planted me. To stand still and see His deliverance should it be His will that I make it through the great tribulation to come. The gfreat part that begins with the upcoming signs in the sky that He is sending us.

    May Yahweh continue to bless you, your family and His ministry He has entrusted to you.

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