For What Its Worth (June 11, 2013)

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Shalom everyone. The secular bureaucracy strikes again. Apparently, according to this report anyway, IRS agents are telling people what they can and cannot say when it comes to obtaining and/or keeping a tax-exempt status. In this report, a Pro-Life group that tries to pray with mothers considering abortion were told they can't do that - they don't have that right according to the IRS.

Something told me that, one day, the government would hold a tax-exempt status over the heads of certain groups in an effort to bully them into silence. Perhaps we're not quite there yet but it sure seems that we're heading that way. This is the very reason that, 13 years ago when we started Shoreshim Ministries, we opted not to obtain 501 (c) 3 status. That has been an obstacle for some who would have supported us otherwise and has proven expensive to the ministry. Nevertheless, I don't regret that decision in the least and, with reports like this coming to light, I am so glad we decided not to be tax-exempt.

That means, for now anyway, the IRS can't tell me what I can and can not say. It's getting interesting folks. The link for the story is below.


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  1. Mary Sue Morelli says:

    I am sooo steamed about this!, and I think those that were discriminated against are playing too nice.We see how it is only Fox, that is willing to stay on this, and the others have dropped it, “that drives me nuts!!” I would like it if everybody would use the word “PRO-FILED” instead of the word ” target” we all know how the P.C. crowd hates that word anyway, and something bad could happen from that! Ha, Ha, right! So, if anybody happens to read this, remember change the two words to “discriminated” and “pro-filed”,instead of target, Thank-you!

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