For What Its Worth: When Ambition Is Just Too Ambitious

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Perhaps you've heard about the Democratic candidate running for governor in the state of Texas and the brewing controversy surrounding her biography. Apparently some of the details in that bio aren't quite right and now its coming back to haunt her and, perhaps, inhibit her efforts to become governor of that state. This same lady rose to notoriety recently by her filibuster of impending anti-abortion laws being considered in the Texas state house.

Reading the details of the still-developing story, I get the sense that this lady and I would definitely not agree philosophically and I'm certain that we wouldn't when it came to spiritual matters. When it comes to her questionable biography, it's not the contested "facts" that bother me the most but her reason behind orchestrating these faulty details in the first place. Apparently, she has such immense ambition driving her to succeed at any cost that she was willing to lay aside every impediment - including family and integrity.

According to one of her supporters, she has always been extremely ambitious and nothing was going to dissuade her from making her aspirations a reality. “Wendy is tremendously ambitious. She’s not going to let family or raising children or anything else get in her way. She’s going to find a way, and she’s going to figure out a way to spin herself in a way that grabs at the heart strings." Hmmm - impressive? Yes, but not in the way they were probably intending it to be.

Here is why I wished to make note of this; not because this is anything new with politicians but because it is a reflection of our society and our society is a reflection of the Body in this country. In other words, believers are not exempt from the trap of AMBITION. Granted, it affects people in different ways but it still pops up from time to time for all to see. Sometimes it manifests in the person who wants to be the head honcho in this genre or topic of biblical theme; some even want to be the perceived leader of the Messianic/Hebraic Roots movement or the first to make a splash with this new finding. In the process, unfortunately, sometimes competition kicks in which requires subtle efforts to discredit the "competition"; it might even require sabotage of another's efforts in order to be "first."

Ambition is a good quality to have because, without it, nothing would get done but like anything else it has to operate within the boundaries the Creator has established. I believe He infuses us with this quality but in order to advance His purposes and His Kingdom - never to be used against those that are supposed to be our brothers and never to justify sacrificing our integrity. Furthermore and finally, sacrificing one's family for the sake of the "ministry" doesn't justify one's ambition - it condemns it.

Anyway, those are just some random thoughts on the subject - for whatever its worth. Shalom.

To read the entire article, go to the link below.

Texas Candidate Extremely Ambitious

4 Responses to For What Its Worth: When Ambition Is Just Too Ambitious

  1. JAIME says:

    I’m not sure who you’re talking about and truthfully it doesn’t matter, but like you, the issue that always matters is what is “the motive”…..
    To me anyone who looks upon any situation without the Light of the Knowledge of the Word of God in their “heart of hearts” will always have a skewed perspective…
    After all, isn’t this what doing “judgement and justice” is all about ?

    So many things come to mind…, reap what you sow, “you shall know the tree by the fruit that it bears”…

    But truly the LORD has demonstrated that “Family” or can we say “House”, is one of the most important foundational aspects of life as our Creator demonstrates by the very first letter in His Word…., Beyit, which we all know denotes a “house”….

    It seems she has built her house upon sand…..

    • Bill says:

      Shalom Jaime. I’m not referring to anyone in particular, just some of the overall shenanigans and unsavory incidents that have transpired within the Body over the last couple of decades both in Christian and Messianic circles. It’s not particularly a problem among believers as much as it is a problem among humans, however, we’re supposed to bring those unfruitful inclinations into submission to the Father’s Will and display the Messiah’s character of servitude and true humility. If you’ll recall there was a good bit of ambition even among Y’shua’s disciples and, on one occasion, resulting in a request (submitted by their mother) to be the ones to sit at His right hand. The point of the posting was to draw attention to just how unpleasant ambition can appear if we don’t aspire to what is good, holy and proper. Thanks for posting your thoughts. Shalom.

  2. Chuck Peterson says:

    Agreed. He will not work with one main person as he gathers the Lost Tribes, but the whole body. This makes the proof that He alone is doing it. The pieces of the puzzle come together as unity arises, and no man being a part of this will desire, nor proclaim credit. His ordained order is within the family. Ann

  3. Melissa says:

    Praise Him for He is Faithful to keep His promises,amen. He sent us the Holy Spirit for discernment, so all can discern the leaders and teachers in the Body, as well as the Body.Once you come to Two Houses becoming One House,,,that’s it…that is the plumb line what ever the ‘church’ or the messianic ‘rabbis’ say will be off bubble. I must say in seeking for emet, I have found the “Two House” teachers/leaders among the most humble and contrite believers in conveying their teaching and messages, I believe it’s Yah’s will and if you’ve made it to the “Two House” teachers, you can spot blemishes and wrinkles from a country mile!

    So, we must remember, to suffer our insults and our trials without saying a condemning word, pray for those who attack us, show righteous indignation when appropriate and LET HIM deal with the souls, spirits and hearts of others(realizing that we have not arrived and are still being refined,thanks to Him,amen). We will shortly be holding roll call before our Husband King! HalleluYah!

    As for the senator, let’s pray she gets hold of the Blood of Yahshua/Yeshua,amen.

    As always your message was mortifying to the flesh, and I thank you Brother Bill, for everyday you add blessing and encouragement to my walk, Shalom and Love in Messiah Yahshua, may He prosper you amen.

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