From the Land: Magdala Synagogue

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I saw this article the other day and thought you might be interested in seeing this information. The article describes an ancient synagogue in the Magdala community, situated along the shore of the Lake of Galilee, the village home of Mary Magdalene. Of interest to us is the fact that this synagogue would have, without any doubt, been a place Y'shua would have visited and ministered.

Ruins of ancient synagogue in Magdala. This site would have been visited by Y'shua during His ministry in the Galil.

Ruins of ancient synagogue in Magdala taken in 2011.

You will notice that, according to the article, this archaeological site has just recently opened to tourists, however, our Israel group was able to visit last year and in 2011. In fact, on our initial visit in 2011 very few people knew that this was even here. Thanks to our guide Gideon Shor, not only were we able to see this dig as it was just beginning but were able to spend Shabbat here, sitting in the shade along the beautiful waters of the Lake. That is where I was privileged to teach the week's torah portion - in a place where Y'shua taught 2000 years before!

Below is a very short video of our trips there along with a link for the article.


Ancient synagogue in Magdala


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