Function in Your Purpose

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Shalom everyone. Here is a message I gave to a church group in Alabama just this past week. It is, I believe, timely and relevant to what we are facing in our time. It is unedited but I hope you will find it edifying and helpful. Approximately 100 minutes.



Function in Your Purpose
In the message, Bill starts in the beginning to show the importance of functioning in your purpose and the consequences of failing to do so. For instance, even though darkness is perceived, metaphorically, to be be evil, even that serves the Father's purpose. As Bill demonstrates, many times the forces of darkness are allowed to operate in order to provoke His people to function in their purposes - i.e. to be a light to the nations. Approximately 1:40 minutes.
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  1. Ester says:

    Wonderful insights, Bill, as usual, right from Gen 1:1! Love your using the Titanic as a excellent example of how folks can be convinced/deceived through leaving the path of life, that much warnings, shofar soundings, need not be heeded. Sadly to the very last minute, when YHWH has decided He too will shut His ears from hearing their cries, to rescue them. Made me well up in tears.
    Gross darkness is upon the earth, with gross abominations, that should draw us/His people, closer to ABBA, for His Presence in our lives, to fufil His purpose/s for our being called into His Kingdom.
    Thank you so much for provoking and stirring us to press in for His high calling.
    I especially appreciate that the Seed is the Word, received through the Ruach in our spirits that bring forth life and likeness of YHWH, and not a literal ‘seed’ that fallen “angels” who do NOT possess, to procreate with humankind/women, to produce nephilim! I have not heard of anyone else sharing it as you did in one of your teachings. HalleluYAH!

  2. Linda says:

    Another outstanding teaching that reveals so much more than one can possibly realize. What came to me during this teaching was how the Torah had not realized its intended function until Messiah defeated death. Until then, the Torah was void of eternal life as creation was void of eternal life on day one. As creation had to go through a process to realize its intended purpose, so did the Torah! Now that Messiah has resurrected, the Torah has fully come into its intended purpose which is for the Presence of the Torah of Messiah to fill our hearts and dwelling in us just as the Presence of Yahweh filled the garden before the fall of Adam and the Presence of Yahweh filled the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle built by the hands of man. The Hebrew word “mela” in Ex 40:34-35 is the Hebrew root for the Greek word “pleroo” in Mt 5:17. Messiah came to make full the intended purpose of the Torah. He came so that His Presence could fill His tabernacle that was not built with the hands of man, that He could could dwell in us and we in Him for us to be His Light to the nations! Ex 34:10; Dt 4:1-9

  3. Jim Fincham says:

    Hey Bill; Great teaching. You have a knack brother. I could not agree more about darkness becoming more pervasive. I, only last summer, got to testify several times per week. Now almost nothing. I have had to separate from friends, who knew what I beleive, but who chose to put pressure on my beliefs for friendship. Easy choices, for me, but painful to see them “coexist” rather than Teshuva to their Creator. Work is slowing, guns are more of and issue than submission to Yah. Every thing else is screaming for attention and nobody wants to hear or talk about Salvation/Yeshua and His kingdom. Nobody wants to talk about the excitement of being here to experience the “Stong Hand” with which we will be taken out/taken home. It is unbeleivable that we are here in the present with all these things coming to pass. Yet even brothers are beginning to shrink with fear.

    I thank you Bill for the strength you exhibit in all your teachings. You reinforce my confidence and give me strength. There are few with which I can communicate so am turning more and more to you and Brad and HRN. It is amazing all the venues that are becoming available for all the tail end beleivers who have, seemingly, so little time to learn and prepare for His Great Work that will overshadow everything that has gone before. Thanks Bill and May YHVH bless and keep you and your family in abundance, according to your needs and what ever wants His mercy might supply. Look forward to seeing you again soon. I am hoping to be on the cruise this spring, but I would suggest, nothing is certain from here on out, at least temporally. The rest is as certain as it has been from the beginning.

    Jim Fincham

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