Light of the Southwest Interview (March 16 2009)

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Shalom everyone. This is a two-hour interview that I did for GLC back in March of 2009. The emphasis was the story of a new Pharaoh (Exodus 1) and the parallels with current events in America. At the time it was one of the most watched LOTS programs on GLC (according to them) and so, the next night, I did another two hours. I hope you enjoy the teaching. Blessings.

P.S. As always we have included the audio version in case you can't watch the video.







2 Responses to Light of the Southwest Interview (March 16 2009)

  1. Jan Scott says:

    Oh dear, Bill,
    as I watched this interview, my ears pricked up when you started to talk about how pharoah may have got the figures on the Hebrew population by a census. And the Obama administration were conducting a census in a different way in 2010. Well, we had a census on the 9th August this year. On the day we were to do the census, I sat down, opened up my Bible and no joke, my eyes fell on 1 Chronicles 21. The very first verse says “Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel”. It was a bit of a surprise to read, especially since I regard the details of our census papers as an invasion of privacy!
    However, I would love to know why a census could be something Satan wanted done by David, a man after God’s own heart. Nor was he planning the downfall of his own people. Not to mention God being so angry, he punished the people with pestilence. In fact, God stopped His angel from destroying Jerusalem as he stood above the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. The angel commanded David to buy the threshing floor to build an altar to JHVH & which became the site of the future temples. If you have any insight to offer, I’d be grateful.
    By the way, I noted our census fell on the 9th Tisha B’Av, which as you know, is the date both temples were destroyed.
    Thanks for all your great teaching, Bill.

    • Bill says:

      Jan; Thanks for the kind words and your comments. It has always been my opinion that the reason Israel was not to count heads (census) was because it might prompt the king and leaders to become puffed up, to collect taxes, etc. In other words, it leads to vain imaginations and corruption. That is how and why the Adversary could use something like a census for his purposes. Shalom.

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