Going to the Mountain

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This is a recent message recorded at New Life Christian Center in San Antonio, TX. As you will hear, this group is rather lively and so it was easy for me to get somewhat lively myself. In this message I share some of the distinctions between Esau and Jacob as well as the principle of learning to walk as Israel so that we may overcome the Adversary. In the process, we oftentimes discover that to bruise his head means that our heel must also be bruised. Finally, I concluded with a personal testimony of some events in my life that have left me with this impression: the level of commitment that was sufficient for yesterday's test will not be sufficient for the test that lies ahead. I hope you enjoy the message. (Approximately 75 minutes)



Going To The Mountain
This message, recorded in San Antonio, TX, describes the distinctions between Esau and Jacob, specifically how one symbolizes the goats and the other, the sheep. Using this as a basis, Bill discusses the two natures within each of us that struggle within us for dominance in our lives. All of this is so that we may understand our Heavenly Father is calling us to draw closer to Him in these perilous times and, as we do, we see that life gets more uncomfortable. The reason being, as we draw closer to His holiness, more of who we are has to die. Consequently, the level of commitment that has brought us through the testing of the past my not be sufficient to endure the tests that are surely coming in the future. In short, we must change our dingy garments for clean ones as we prepare to go to the mountain. (Approximately 75 minutes)
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  1. Randee says:

    Hello Bill: Maybe this is a bit off-topic but it is an important question. We are wondering when the Sabbath starts….on Friday night at sundown or Saturday morning at sunup. I have seen support either way, but I want to follow the truth. Thank you,

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