God’s End Time Vineyard: America’s Purpose

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Shalom everyone. This program is the first in our final series of programs on GLC. It is with some hesitation that I post them because we were not able to finish the series. Nevertheless, in light of the fact we are at a crossroads as a nation, I decided I would make them available to you. I hope you will enjoy them. This first program discusses America's purpose. Approximately 30 minutes.

For those unable to view the videos, I have included the audio version below. Don't forget to view the outline provided in PDF.



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America's Purpose PDF




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  1. ebookspan says:

    Mr. Cloud,

    Your comparison to the U.S. as a modern day Egyptian safe haven for Israel makes a lot of sense. As my 8yr old and I study history, we see that the first peoples looking for religious freedom boarded the Mayflower in 1620, making this “safe haven” 392 years old (or counting from 1607 with Jamestown). Exodus 12:40-41 tells us that the Israelites lived in Egypt 430 years. Just as the Israelites, Americans have lived in relative “freedom” until the 20th century when we slowly adopted a status of enslavement to a corrupt government and evil culture. If the Israelites’ example is prophetic, scripture shows us the future for America and its people.

    What a wonderfully insightful teaching. Thank you for the peace this knowledge brings.


    The Bookspans

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