Pre, Mid or Post?

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Shalom everyone. Thank you so much for your support. I do hope that you are enjoying this site and benefiting from the teachings we have posted so far.

This month I decided to deal with an issue that has, lately, been the topic of so many emails and letters sent into the office - my position on the Rapture. However, rather than tackling the nuts and bolts of a Pre-Trib or even mid-trib position, I want to address a more fundamental, albeit not-so-obvious, issue - identity. In my opinion, when one comes to understand who we are and what it really means to be "in Messiah," then we will better understand the lifestyle we are to lead and discern prophecy more clearly including who is here on earth during the Tribulation. I hope you enjoy the teaching. (Approximately 80 minutes)


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  1. june winegardner says:

    I did restart my computer & it played correctly. Now I can thank you for this teaching. A lot to comprehend but you put it in such a way that even I can understand.

  2. Fred Mensah says:

    Shalom Bill, I ordered for a copy of the HalleluYah Scriptures and it is mindblowing! Before receiving this Bible I had the Complete Jewish Bible,but as usual had errors in it,but with the H.S it is concise, please order for a copy,it is FREE.

  3. Patricia Kim Marshall says:

    Thank you so much for elaborating on your views concerning the rapture. I agree with you that we can get attached to our views on the subject based upon the teachings we’ve received on the subject and that there is a lot of passionate and heated debate concerning pre, mid, or post tribulation. You have given me some important points to mull over in my mind and research a bit more. I have heard a lot of views from various respected teachers, but I also rely on the Holy Spirit to clear up matters through continuing to research or “look into a matter”. I think it is important to continue to listen to fellow believers who may differ in their interpretation of the scriptures to confirm and refine our own beliefs. I also think it is so important to not lose friendships or disregard sound teaching from someone simply because we disagree on a point. I really appreciate your candor and thoughtful insights into the scriptures.

  4. jer hill says:

    Bill, Sure wish there was a pdf of your notes for this. This is an important message not because of the pre-trib rapture theory but because it is the first message I’ve found where you lay out your view of Messianic theology. I am taking notes like mad for study purposes. Normally I’m getting Bill Cloud 401 so it is nice to get a little Bill Cloud 101.

    We have played some of your material before the common Church folk who hold the common belief in Church exceptionalism especially about Israel and the commandments. You’re a tough sell for beginners and the subject of “Our Identity” is a perfect introduction to the Messianic understanding of the Messiah. This message resonates.

    I’m a pre-tribber but I can’t back that up with scripture. No pastor or teacher such as Walvoord or even Missler and Lahaye have come up with convincing scriptural evidence that pinpoints a specific time in the order of events. Shoot down Dispensationalism and you shoot down the pre-trib rapture and we’re left with a better understanding of who our Messiah is and what His message was.

    OK, I’m not a pre-tribber anymore until further notice. I got a lot more out of this than just “losing my religion”.


    • Bill says:

      Jer; Hope the teaching is helpful. As I recall, I didn’t really do this from notes (I can’t remember). At any rate, I don’t have any notes to share with you because, there is nothing in my computer. Besides, its a good way to practice note-taking skills. Hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for being part of the site. Shalom.

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