The Obama Enigma

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Okay. This is admittedly the strangest message I have ever put together and it might be the strangest one you will ever listen to but I couldn't help myself. There are so many questions surrounding Barack Obama, I thought I'd put my two cents in but from a totally different perspective. In this audio, I take a look at comparisons that have been made between Obama and other historical figures as well as mythological figures. Finally, we get to the question that many have been scoffed at for asking - "Is he the guy?" Hope you enjoy. (Approximately 100 minutes)



























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  1. Rosemary Barrington says:

    Bill, I wonder so much about Obama and I can’t believe that we have been duped into such a mess. When the Presence went into a town He always said if I find one obedient one there, I will spare it. Where are the obedient ones in America. I know there are some faithful ones. As I pause in this thought, I know YHWY is still on the throne and it is all of part of His plan. Bless His Holy NAME. May we just be found faithful at all cost.



  2. darrell says:

    Another very good teaching, thanks….darrell centerville tx

  3. Harry says:

    Bill, great message – thought provoking. My wife and I enjoyed.
    The best on your move to Lebonen, TN – we’re sending you an offering to help you. Keep the messages coming and flowin – Praise the Lord. Harry Lovell

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