Happy Purim

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Shalom! Here is a brief, light-hearted look at Purim (with a very special guest). Approximately 15 minutes.

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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    Allison, you are adorable, Once in a while I think of our swimming races in Israel on Shabbat in the out door pool at the hotel. Bless you Beth! Love to all, Ann

  2. Mertha says:

    Thank you Allison for making the Purim video exciting. You certainly did not look nervous at all. You look as lovely as a Queen/Princess. We wish you a delightful remainder of your school year. If you are homeschooling, you may or may not school year round. We schooled for 180 days each year, much of which was traveling. What fun you and your brother must have playing in the snow! We have little snow here in Texas. We plan to hear your dad in Abilene soon. You will see Foxy in my icon. Foxy thinks you would be fun to race.

  3. Cynthia Proffitt says:

    Great job, Allison! May your life be blessed as you hear all the wonderful stories that hold spiritual meanings for your life!

  4. JAIME says:

    Shalom Allison….

    Great job helping Dad… I remember when my “Little Princess” was your age and there is no way she would have sat there so long showing off her angelic smile without at least giving me a few hundred tickles…

    I have a question for you; Do you like to color ? How about birds ?
    If it’s ok with Bill, allow me to email you a sample of a drawing I did called “Morning of the Fifth Day” then you can print it out for her…
    It will be a way for me to participate in the gift giving tradition…., and besides, you know “Little Angels” always bear the face of God in Heaven….

    Happy Purim to your family and thank you for sharing……, Shalom…

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