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Video Issues

We host the videos with Vimeo, a very powerful video hosting platform. Any issues with the video playback are going to be related to your computer.

  • Most computers come installed with Internet Explorer. The videos, should play fine, but we have found that other browsers are more stable. Our first choice falls between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both are very popular and very stable. You may already have one of these installed and if so, see if the videos play better on these browsers. If so, stick with the better browser.
  • If your having any issues watching the videos, this link will show you what you can do.
  • Add more Memory - When I purchase a new PC, I always try to upgrade the memory as much as I can afford. It really is the best thing to improve a computers operation. If you computer is at least a year old, you will really benefit from increasing the memory. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from using this guide. If you do not feel comfortable doing any of these steps, you should take your computer to professionals like the Geek Squad who can even come in home to help or may be located in your Best Buy Store.
    1. The first thing to do is determine how much memory you have installed - click here
    2. Next determine the maximum your computer will be able to use. If your max is 16 Gigs, there is no advantage to installing 32. Just go to the max you computer can use! I use the manufacturers of memory to tell me how much and exactly what kind of memory my computer uses. Stay with the exact "kind" they tell you or it will not work and may not even fit. - here are 2 reputable manufacturers - Kingston - Crucial
    3. Memory installation guide - 27 step guide - video tutorial
  • We cannot troubleshoot your computer's issues for you, but the above 3 areas will generally solve your problem.

How to Join

    • Membership to our online community is handled via PayPal Subscriptions except for the free "Gleaning Corner Membership" which is a voluntary donations-based membership.
    • It is all automated for you once you have it set up and you can cancel at any time.
    • First you must select the level you wish to join then whether you want to be an annual or monthly subscriber.
    • You will be taken to a form to enter your name, email, select a username and password for your login.
    • Next you will go to and confirm payment (PayPal log-in may be required).
    • Click here to get started.
  • I have logged-in with my username/password but cannot access the teachings. It keeps returning me back to the join!!!
    • You may have been demoted after a paypal payment was unsuccessful.
    • You will still have login ability, but your account must be upgraded back an active member status before you can view the content.
    • You will need to click here to upgrade back to an active membership status.
    • You must be logged-in in order to use the upgrade link above.
  • How do I Re-Join after being downgraded?
    • If you are a member and canceled your membership and can no longer view teachings even while logged-in , you have been downgraded.
    • This is an automated function from PayPal and usually means a credit card is outdated or there is a problem with your PayPal account.
    • You may need to address any problems on PayPal before upgrading.
    • Once your PayPal account is fixed, click here to upgrade back to an active member.
  • Edit profile
    To edit your profile you must first be logged in.... Then click here
  • Change Password
    To change your password, you must first be logged-in as well. Then click here
  • Change Email
    • To change or update your email address, you must be logged-in, then click here.
    • Please be aware that you should use the same email address as your paypal account so your membership is not interrupted.
  • Lost Password - watch (video is from former site, but is still correct)
  • How do I Cancel My Membership?
    • In order to stop future membership payments, you must use the Unsubscribe Button found at the bottom right of all pages and then fill out the form so PayPal can cancel your subscription.
    • You are responsible for cancelling your membership subscriptions.
    • You will still receive your unused time that you have left before being downgraded.
    • Once downgraded, you should use the Upgrade Page to re-join as your username and email address will still be in the system.
  • You may not remove or download any video or audio from the website except through the e-store or Gold Member Download Page.
  • Your username is case sensitive. mikesmith, Mikesmith and MikeSmith are 3 different usernames. If you forget your username, you can login using your whole email address instead.c
  • Problems with Videos? Most video problems are found using Internet Explorer ver. 7, 8 and 9. If your browser is causing problems, please use firefox instead. You can download it here.
  • Problems with Videos? You will probably need Adobe Flash for Firefox. Download here.
  • Problems with Videos? If you are using Firefox and your computer is older, the videos may just be too much for your computer to handle. Please use the audio players instead. You could try this firefox plugin which lowers the quality setting for older computers. Download here. We have not tested it.
  • Please ask questions or leave comments in the comment sections at the bottom of most pages. Interact with other members and remember that this site is too stay family safe. Be kind and patient as well.
  • All comments will show a gravatar icon next to it. The blue one here is just the default one. It is a free service provided by, If you want to have a custom gravatar, like mine, visit and set it up there. It is all automated from that website and it will work on all websites using the gravatar service.
  • If there are objectionable comments, please let us know so we can address it.
  • If you are not constructive, but destructive, you could be removed from the membership.
  • My Problem is not here. How do I contact you?
    For non tech support issues, email us at
    For tech support issues, email Victor at