Living In The Days of Elijah

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Shalom everyone. Here are some of our earlier programs on GLC. These three programs are entitled Living in the Days of Elijah. I hope you enjoy. Approximately 1.5 hours.

If you are unable to view the video, I have included the audio version below.








Days of Elijah PDF





5 Responses to Living In The Days of Elijah

  1. Darlene says:

    : ) I had better contain myself on this one. Well done Bill. I guess Elijah could have been branded as “intolerant.” At the same time, would we really need an “Elijah” if we were not so out of balance or extreme in our deception (as Israel)? Didn’t Eve need Adam to stand up and be an Elijah? One thing I found profound is that “Elijah” also represents one who is SOLD out to the word of YHVH (no compromise). He doesn’t come with his own agenda, word, opinion or anything else. His SOLE authority is the word of YHVH. And so this is where Eve was deceived in the garden by the word being twisted (to mean something altogether different) and this is where we are today with all forms of religion. Elijah does not allow the question to even be asked THUS squashing the reasoning of the mind that led to Eve’s deception to begin with. There will BE NO WHY or self to enter the picture. We TRUST, pure and simple. Isn’t it amazing that walking out Torah teaches us to trust and trust perfectly by teaching us how to SEE Him. Whereas our disobedience has the opposite effect. So Elijah represents to me, THIS IS WHO HE IS! And what you are worshipping in is not the TRUE Elohim! You have been deceived! Calling the lie exactly what it is. This is why Jezebel hated him so much. She not only wanted her lie to be true, but she wanted others to believe it too so she could have her kingdom…it is what gave her the control and power. Would we need control or power if we were truly trusting HIM? That all came after listening to part one, I better block my keyboard (hee hee).

    Thanks so much, what a blessing your ministry is.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  2. Darlene says:

    If you haven’t read it already, thought you would be interested in this story. I can’t imagine what these people were experiencing facing the possibility that they would go into the chilly and dark waters beneath them. It happened close to shore and shortly after take off. Anyway, your messages that you are posting are appreciated. I have been posting them on facebook hoping people will grab hold of this blog and others. Let’s pray that all of us open our ears to hear…and obey.


  3. Rick says:

    Have to say, you are one of the most palatable teachers of doom and gloom Truth I’ve ever heard. (Actually, for the sake of those who don’t know that I’m from Sardonia, which means I am a Sardonic kind of guy, Bill teaches the Full Truth with compassion and I for one am grateful) Father’s way may seem like doom and gloom to our flesh, but it truly is His Way to purge and prepare His People to come out of her and get ‘her’ (Babylonian stinkin thinkin’) out of us!

  4. Ester says:

    Thank you, Bill.
    Such clear teachings. YAHuWAH bless you and yours,
    as you so faithfully and zealously serve Him. Amein.

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