Mingled: Two Feet, Ten Toes

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Shalom everyone. These session is from our series, Mingling With the Seed of Men. This teaching addresses the prophecy in Daniel, specifically, the last kingdom of man - the feet of iron mingled with clay. Approximately 30 minutes.

For those unable to view the videos, I have included the audio version below. Don't forget to view the outline provided in PDF.


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Mingled - Two Feet, Ten Toes PDF




4 Responses to Mingled: Two Feet, Ten Toes

  1. Rick says:

    This edition gave me an idea to write a book or an article, my question to you Bill, is the title ‘spot on’ or ‘off base’?
    Title: ‘Is today’s Bride of Christ The Whore of Babylon?’
    I’m open to yours and any other thoughts…..

    • Bill says:

      Rick; Not sure if I would ascribe that title to everyone in Christianity but, at the same time, the woman in Rev. 17 is described, in Greek, as gune – translated “woman.” Yet, gune also implies she is someone’s wife. That wife commits fornication (mixes seed) with the kings of the earth. So then, those who call themselves the “bride of Christ” but are actively engaging in mingling seed (mingled philosophy/idealogy/theology) with the kings of the earth (falling in with the call for tolerance and co-existence) are prime candidates for this harlot in my humble opinion. Those who blindly follow this mantra will, I believe, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, the call from the Creator is to “come out of her, my people.” That is not to exclusively say, “leave the church” because you can physically leave a place without leaving it – remember Lot’s wife. It is to come out of that way of thinking and living. Ultimately, that will call for us to leave physically. Kind of got long winded here but I guess what I’m trying to say is: its not totally off base because it’s in the form of a question. It just needs to be clarified what you mean by “bride of Christ” because there is a true bride and there is the harlot. Shalom my friend.

      • Ester says:

        Amein! Well said, Bill, with all due respect. It so grieved me that some Torah folks criticise and condemn both “Jews” and Christians for their ignorance and deception, when they/we are in a process of seeking and growing. Surely there will still be many who will be called out of their mindsets. HalleluYAH!

  2. Ester says:

    Once again, clearly the mingling of seed of men, is not a physical seed, but a mingling of mindsets, where the battlefields are, that causes confusion/Babylon,
    when one is not seeking and digging into the pure Seed of THE Word of YHWH, through the Hebraic language and perspective.
    HalleluYAH that YHWH has prepared you for His divine purposes to show/ teach insights such as these. Todah, you’re such a blessing to us all, Bill.

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