On This Day – 10 Sivan

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, May 24, 2018, 10 Sivan. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4.5 minutes.

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  1. eric nagel says:

    Shalom Bill, Amen! Good point, just wanted to add that our study concluded that the “house” in Acts 2 vs 2 was the Temple…where else would someone be on the Day of Shavuot? The whole festival was to all be together in the House! Where else would there be a lot of people to see the flames!!!!!! Thanks for all your gleanings!

  2. WEEZER says:

    THIS IS A WOW!!!!!!

    GREAT….GREAT…message for us today and GOD’s words are painting a portrait for the future
    as HE continues to speak through the Cloud!!!! 🙂

    To draw together ……that we may draw near…..

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