On This Day – 12 Kislev

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for November30, 2017, 12 Kislev. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4.5 minutes

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  1. Pam Staley says:

    This was one of your most important messages….imho…..such a word for such a time as this Bill – so many try to ‘grab’ and put on one of those ‘5 fold ministry’ descriptions….but to me, they are simply descriptions of how we should be following the words in the first >5< books … not taking them and placing them on our bs cards 🙂

    Thank you – may more hearts hear the words of Yeshua and walk in them!

  2. Mertha says:

    Praise Yeshua for the speedy efficient medical work Israel is doing in the Philippines and for the good publicity NBC or ABC gave them tonight for a change. Good work is soon forgotten as are those in disaster areas.

  3. Linda Williscroft says:

    “If I use a flattering title, my Maker would soon take me away!”(Sorry Im in bed so can’t check that verse-but thats the gist.) Doctor so and so, the Very Reverend so and so, Apostle blah blah, Prophet Joe etc! Dont men love flattering titles! Still, the message is for me to watch out against pride in MY life-not others. May God protect me from it. It is a human condition and you might get rid of it one way and find it appear in another!
    Loving others helps us keep humble.
    BTW: Mertha, that little dog of yours is so-o cute!!
    Thanks Bill for the message.

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