On This Day – 12 Tammuz

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, July 18, 2016, 12 Tammuz. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6.5 minutes.

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  1. JAIME says:


    Excellent point…. !

    This reflects light on what Scripture denotes happens to a man who has an Evil Spirit within him which has lost the Battle resulting in him being cast out. The Evil Spirit roaming around anguishing and angry over it’s loss decides to return to the individual and brings back-up….
    The Fallen Ones find the person living a more clean, swept, and garnished life, but empty and void of any “LIFE” within as indicated by the use of the word “EMPTY”…

    RESULT: The Evil Spirit fills the empty space…

    UNDERSTANDING: Evil Spirits fill empty spaces…..

    WISDOM dictates that One cannot fill a Vessel that is already occupied… Unless the Vessel is first “EMPTIED” which then allows it to be filled again….

    One cannot fill a cup which is already full… and if it is only partially filled then “MINGLING” will ensue; however the LORD’S COMMANDMENT “PREVENTS” any “Mingling”..
    So the Vessel MUST FIRST BE EMPTIED….

    THAT is exactly what was taking place with Joseph in the prison…. he was being emptied of Self so the Holy Spirt could abide….

    I personally don’t equate this to your “crushing” statement simply because the “crushing” I wholeheartedly agree with occurs only when the Almighty is causing the Olives to “release the Oil”…
    Although the argument can be made that he was also being crushed as Oil was released in the prison no doubt….

    As Wisdom often dictates it is not necessarily one or the other but both…..

    TRUTH mandates the UNDERSTANDING that there are “only” TWO SEEDS which were ever sown….FROM THE BEGINNING….


    What are we filled with ? There are only TWO choices…..but three Environments….

    1. The Holy Spirit 2. The Evil Spirits or 3. Empty

    A shekel’s worth…

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