On This Day – 13 Av

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Shalom. Here is our devotion for today, July 25, 2018, 13 Av. Hope you are blessed.
Approximately 7 minutes.

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3 Responses to On This Day – 13 Av

  1. Arle Masters says:

    That was awesome- Ty 🙂

    Ps- This is an article I saw that made me think of your Last Day Famine Teaching –


  2. Elaine Newton says:

    Bill, this is such an important and encouraging message. We all need to hear and share this frequently. I will continue to hold you and your family in my prayers. You are such a blessing to the body of believers. I recently changed this website to my homepage because I think so highly of this site!! Thank you again.

  3. gloria elphinstone-jolly says:

    Hello Bill
    I have to concur with you on most commentaries – (I know little to nothing about the USA) but the foundations of our faith are sure and agree.
    Blessings to you, your family, and friends

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