On This Day – 13 Iyar

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, April 28, 2018, 13 Iyar. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4 minutes.

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4 Responses to On This Day – 13 Iyar

  1. Nicola Broughton says:

    So incredibly timely for me. Thank you always. Shalom

  2. SONJA BRYANT says:

    Shalom, thank you, toda raba 😁🕎

  3. paul Ostoya says:

    We live in highly confrontational heavily armed in your face type culture where hatred going around and sells well unfortunately if you maybe muslim black christian jew or whoever really. I live in Birmingham AL where this past senatorial election blacks and women turned en masse to vote against the so called Christian candidate himself accused by 1/2 dozen women of harassing them. Now 390 or so women Democrats are running for US Congress.

    Wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about Jews in the US or Israel. As long as they enjoy the support of the most powerful nation on earth ain’t nothing going to happen a support they will always enjoy Worry about the genocide now taking place in Yemen a genocide led by our allies the Saudis, a genocide nobody is talking about

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