On This Day – 13 Sivan

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, May 27, 2018, 13 Sivan. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4 minutes.

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  1. Arle Masters says:

    Unfortunately you are correct- and faith works by love- I think this why we do not see much healing- etc…

    Praying and will give our funds on the 20th., this is our next pay period- ( Me and my son- Beau) he is 23 – the youth is so important- and you speak to all ages with ease – For me I say it this way Not many should teach- you should … Frankly I think it is a large part of the problem- to many chiefs and not enough injuns…

    I for one pray you are with your family more- we are to number our days …

    Praying Psalm 20 vs 4

    King James 2000 Bible
    Grant you according to your own heart, and fulfill all your plans

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