On This Day – 15 Kislev

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for November 23, 2018, 15 Kislev. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5.5 minutes

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3 Responses to On This Day – 15 Kislev

  1. paul Ostoya says:

    Great video . Of all your efforts your on this day snippets remain my favs. You pack so much info into those 5 minutes.

    Great story on Babylon relective in my view of man always wanting to do things his own way and as scriptures tell us one can’t serve 2 masters ; mixing the traditions accomplishing just that remaining in my opinion the great deceivers most succesfull trick just like when Adam sent us down that path. Nothings changed much since that day if you ask me

  2. paul Ostoya says:

    PS Agree with everything you said in video,kind of spooky when you give it some thought.

    Gods people have always been persecuted from day 1. If if were not so every prophet Yahweh sent his people, every single one would not have been put to death by the authorities of their day as they all were, every single one of them, something to think about

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