On This Day – 16 Adar

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for today, March 3, 2018, 16 Adar. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes

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  1. JAIME says:


    Great message brother, and I believe that there is more to this Commandment….

    I will share this:

    My sister who passed away a few yrs. ago from bone and lung cancer had a husband who was very abusive, abrasive, & ungodly, to his family and any he deemed unworthy of him. Every time he opened his mouth he breathed out cruelty… his speech was so cruel in his vernacular with his own daughter that he virtually destroyed her spirit, mind and soul.. .

    In the last yrs. of her battle with cancer she desired very much to come and see me,She was able to make arrangements with her daughter to care for him since he was already being judged with the onset of Alzheimer’s and could not leave him alone for fear he would destroy their home. Her son and and his girlfriend were committed to bring her, but alas, the care for her husband fell through. She struggled with the dishonor it would certainly bring me and the certainty of words that would be exchanged because of his filthy behavior in having to bring this man along,

    I considered carefully allowing him into my home because I knew this man was harboring an evil spirit, and years prior upon a visit my mother desired, had an encounter with him where he dishonored my mother with such filth that I was ready to rearrange his face…

    Nonetheless, I said she could bring him, as in my heart I knew my sister needed to see me for the suffering she was enduring was horrific and it would only be for a couple of days… Surely I thought, I would have enough strength for the ordeal and would suffer the indignation for death had already begun to feed on my sister…

    I considered that I may be transgressing the Mezuzah Commandment by willingly allowing a known evil filled man to come into my home. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a real encounter with a demon filled man, but in my experiences this guy was the real deal..

    I will tell you that when this man crossed the “threshold” of my home, whatever was possessing / influencing, him,whatever you may call it; did not enter in.

    My sister, her son and girlfriend were in complete awe and amazement that this man became as sweet, and kind as a little child. No complaints of any kind even though he had to sleep by himself in a room with my tools, a freezer, on the floor on an air mattress. He said thank you to every service offered him, was very timid, did not speak a single curse, enjoyed babysitting the TV, all the while being incredibly cordial and having his family experiencing the miracle of smiles upon his face which they had not witnessed in many years !
    All were left scratching their heads in wonderment and asking what was going on ?

    What I will tell you is that while I was struggling with the consideration of allowing him to come, the spirit gave me an understanding that the “Power of God” protects my home and no evil can enter past His Covenant.
    Though I had received this peace and understanding which truthfully allowed me to say yes, I had never witnessed such protection of my home…

    As I see it, the Word of God extends “His Wings” over every home that is in Covenant…

    Shalom, shalom

  2. Reginald Platt says:

    Here is one for you Bill.! When the Towers of 9/11 fell much destruction. Yet one small building did not get any damage A small church building. St Paul’s ? Open to the public . The First responders used it for the injured. Plus several individuals ran into the little church and were not harmed. Not even a window was broken.. The local minister said it was a miracle . that the church was protected this way. Not too many people know of this event. Unbeknow to everyone that was protected , Guess what was engraved on the front door at the top of the archway ? YHVH. Also on the top of the alter inside was the Letters YHVH. Everyone that ran into that building was protected. Now read Exd 20v 24…last part…In all places where I record my name I will come to you and I will bless you.. Also, Prov 18 v 10 The Name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous man runs into it and is safe. Like you Bill I do not look upon these signs as Lucky Charms but I am sure God is making a statement. I will take the High ground in all of this. since we have God’s name as His children on us , We have that protection We have Yeshua and the Testimony. Originally the church was chartered by Queen Anne And George Washington said his prayer there when he became the first President. In fact he made a dramatic statement about this nation and Our Creator. Which is affecting this Nation today. Cheers Reg.P

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