On This Day – 16 Shevat

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for today, February 1, 2018, 16 Shevat. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5.5 minutes

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  1. JAIME LOPEZ says:

    Beautifully and correctly put……..
    I remember the first time I gazed upon my daughter while she slept. At that very moment, I understood who God “really is”….
    He made me to understand that, the very same way I was feeling about her is the same way HE looks upon us…..and when I still lift up my face and pay my vows, HE sees me with that same face and heart of that little boy… Children are truly an example of “how to” love…
    It is this very same reason why no one can enter the Kingdom without it…..
    Adoni Ehad, Aba…..

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