On This Day – 19 Tevet

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for January 17, 2017, 19 Tevet (Even Though I Said 20 Tevet). Hope you are blessed. Approximately 3 minutes

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  1. Ellen Applegate says:

    How true this is! “Believing” something is true, when it is not true, does NOT make it true. It’s also true that saying you believe something is true, does not mean you believe it unless you actually live by what you say you believe. Just today, I heard a Christian say “We (Christians) are Jews! We are grafted in! We are children of Abraham!” He also believes II Tim 3:16. However, when it comes down to living like all of Yahweh’s Word is true, profitable and applicable to us today, this person does not believe that because he does not live by it. I think it has never even occurred to him that there are parts of the Torah that he, and many other like him, (including me, in the past) have deliberately decided to ignore. It is my prayer that Yahweh will be mightily at work among His people, opening their eyes to the complete truth of all His Word.

  2. Dessie Young says:

    In light of recent news re: Pope Francis stating “All religions are true”. As well as “there is no literal hell … I praise Jeshua for Voices like yours who speak the truth in love.

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