On This Day – 20 Elul

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, August 31, 2018, 20 Elul. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 4.5 minutes.

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  1. Teresa Casalino says:

    Well said and thank you for the reminder and uplifting word. Talking today with my friend Lori, we discussed how so many people are in ‘states’ that are not reflecting our calling. Emotionally they are being emptied and left as though – so to speak – in the dark.

    But where are our praises? Wherever we are, no matter what our situation is, we can be in His presence by placing ourselves there through praising Him.

    Yes, like you pointed out, we are dealing with trials, tribulations and questions regarding our struggles, but to what end is what we have to remember.

    We can try to work it out in the flesh, alone. Or pray that His purpose be worked out in our lives by submitting ourselves to the direction, companionship and comfort of His Spirt. Abba, show us where you want us to be and let us always be in The Way towards you even when it’s on that straight and troublesome path you have placed us on.

    Thanks Bill!

  2. Tammy Bush says:

    I call it the Psalm 73 syndrome and it plagues me often. I remind myself of Psalm 34 and 37, but to be honest, I still struggle with this. Why, I don’t know because just knowing my Hebrew Messiah makes me sooo blessed. I pray I will overcome this soon.

  3. paul Ostoya says:

    Reason I belive the wicked have always prospered is because it’s a wicked world always has been ruled by Hasatan from the moment when Adam chose to eat the fruit. Rest is history. The fruit or whatever one might think occured in the garden was a symptom not the cause.The cause was Adam’s decision just like Hasatan before that they knew better then Yahweh and could go it alone. Lets not forget Hasatan was the angel of light, the top angel till he decided just like Adam he knew better. and like Adam was banished. Rest is history still playing out to this day

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