On This Day – 20 Kislev

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for November 28, 2018, 20 Kislev. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5.5 minutes

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you Bill. I’ve really been bolstered and comforted by your word today.

    My husband is Italian Catholic. Since I learned I was Jewish I’ve kept Shabbat in my home mostly alone. I renounced Christmas and all the other days of worship, except Thanksgiving and replaced them whole heartedly with Yah’s feasts and keep them to the best of my ability. In the beginning I had support from my husband and son. Then my husband began to fall away and my son with him. But I march on. I feel very strongly on showing my family a stand against the pagan holidays.I explain in a loving way why I just can’t partake and they tell me about the warm fuzzies and the memory making, How I wish they could get a warm fuzzy from Yahweh Yeshua they’d never want anything pagan again! amen.

    I really dred this time of year. It is frought with spritual warfare, and even when I did celebrate these holidays I don’t remeber ONE that brought forth any real joy and mostly stress, financial debt, depression and saddnes and family arguements, are the highlights I remember thru all the tinsel and greenery.

    My husband loves me and forbids me nothing. We don’t have great theological debates but now and again I share a nugget and I think it sinks in. I have sometimes wanted to pack it in and leave, but I do love him and he takes care of me and really shows the love of Messiah towards me to the best of his ability every day so I’m hoping one day.
    My Husband doesn’t regularly attend church. I have attempted a couple times to attend an assembly but it really causes fierce spiritual warfare so I fellowship with my sister in Georgia via internet.And others on the web, It’s what I can do now. I’m going to hang on maybe he’ll be won! I’ll just keep handing out little golden apples in a sivler filigree basket whenever I can!amen Shalom and Love in Messiah Yeshua
    Be blessed Brother Bill and prosper as your soul does prosper!

    • Bob Myers says:

      Hello Melissa,

      I think I know the feelings you are having. I was the Catholic in my marriage, and brought my wife from no faith, to be married in that church, and participate in the Catholic faith that I was raised in. And we raised our girls all the way through Parochial High School in Catholicism.

      I had to leave Catholicism, as I lost confidence on the Church and the Vatican, and the scandals in the church, and came to believe that in Jesus (Yeshua), there is no need to belong to any “-ISM”, Whether it be Catholicism, Judaism, Mormonism, or any other construct. That we need the fellowship in worship and praise of the Father, and Son, through the message of the Gospel, and the Hebraic history of the Bible, specifically the Torah, and all the Old Testament, inclusive of all of the Prophets.
      And as you know, that if we are in the Word, then we are in belief of Yeshua, for our salvation.

      I love my wife, but she believes I’m “nuts”, and a “Jew wanna-be”, and we don’t participate in any worship together. And she continues to celebrate all the Roman Church devised celebrations with our daughters. They know I’m not in that mindset anymore, being raised in it (By Me), so they tend to side with their Mom. I try to explain why I am not onboard anymore, but it seems to fall on “deaf ears”. Ill keep trying to get understanding!

      So I attend a “Hebraic Roots” congregation, Pastored by Mark Biltz, who you probably know of, out of the Tacoma Washington area, and I really enjoy the fellowship in our worship, and the message Pastor Biltz brings to us every Sabbath!
      I’m I hope that my wife will someday want to join me there, but for now, she is adamantly against it. I’m not looking for sympathy, but I believe in prayer, for our spouses, and for each other, who are in the same situation.

      I really appreciate what Bill Cloud has done with his ministry, especially with this website that he has put together. I try to tune in each day, with my first cup of coffee, as Bill offers an explanation of this day in Biblical history. I always feel it has been a well spent few minutes , hearing what Bill has to offer, as a reflection on how we can draw on history, to draw us closer to the Father, and His purpose for our lives. I look forward to listening in each day!

      We can all pray for our spouses, and our families to come to better know the Father and the Son, by the example of our own lives, and how we live in, and of His Word. And can pray for each other, in His name !

  2. justin clark says:

    I was so excited to be able to view this on my phone , now . Be blessed!

  3. Bobby and Lucy Enriquez says:

    Thank you Bill for your wonderful and inspirational daily commentaries. Bobby and I sure look forward to hearing them every day.

    May Yahweh continue to fill you with the Holy Spirit through Yeshua.

    Take care and say “Hi” to your family from us. We’ve had such fond memories of the trip to Israel.

    Bobby and Lucy Enriquez

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