On This Day – 22 Av

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Shalom! Here is our devotion for today, August 14, 2017, 22 Av. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes.

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  1. JAIME says:


    Interesting “timing” as I have recently been studying the Seals of REVELATION and have come to an Understanding concerning the Great Earthquake spoken of in the 6th Seal of Rev.
    I was actually debating bringing this up and as always try to wait on the Lord to open the door and give me that Unction…… and since you “opened the Earthquake door”……

    Opening the SEALS:

    Rev. 5:3 declares that there is no one IN HEAVEN, ON EARTH, On Earth or UNDER THE EARTH “worthy to open the Seals”…

    Question: What place is there left, and where is Yeshua at this very moment ?

    I know and understand that Yeshua has always existed and I think you will agree that no matter what “form” he “embodied” HE HAS ALWAYS EXISTED SOMEWHERE….
    It is not His “existence” that is the focus here, but the “Places HE IS NOT” ! !

    In “My Understanding” the only place left is in “between Heaven and Earth”….. the only place left…

    I believe that what John was seeing is the “very moment” that Yeshua was “ascending”… DIRECTLY FOLLOWING; verses 5-6 he is told not to weep…. and he looked upon a lamb “as if it had just been slain”…
    There is no break in sequence or context here….

    SEALS 1-5

    Many yrs. ago I received an Understanding concerning the “HORSEMEN OF REVELATION”. I was washing dishes in a sink in MONTANA and looked out my window as I was in prayer and meditation and saw in a field across from me 4 horses each colored bearing the respective colors to the ones in Rev.
    I was left with a feeling that all 4 are already on the scene…….. I dismissed this as I couldn’t see it then, but that has always lingered….
    NOW, I understand that what the Lord was revealing to me was the Understanding that :

    There have always been Conquerers (lack of Peace), War, Famine, Pestilence and Slavery (wages- a form of Slavery) and of course; Death,….. have they not ? and yes, “martyrs” must be included as well….

    My understanding is that the opening of these first 5 Seals signify AN INCREASE…..in what has already been occurring throughout human history and IS NOT THE BEGINNING OF THEM, as we all know that there is “nothing NEW under the Sun” and “that which is, has already been”…

    Which brings me to the 6th SEAL and the Great Earthquake that is mandated…. for me this lines up perfectly with what transpires in ISAIAH 24

    Shema ISRAEL…..

  2. Ester says:

    Thanks, Bill, a good wake up call. Shalom!

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