On This Day – 22 Tevet

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for January 9, 2018, 22 Tevet. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5.5 minutes

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  1. eric nagel says:

    Amen, and thanks Bill. Not just things to consider for today, these should be considered everyday.

    • Linda Williscroft says:

      Yes, the little foxes-thoughts that we have and don’t even notice we are having them, sometimes. Grab that fox by the tail and drag it back and throw it our before it runs rampant!
      I threw out TV long ago and don’t go to movies, I hate the things to be honest-they’re time-suckers for one thing; I have that in me, because I want to have my mind on the Lord and focus on the things He wants me to do. I
      believe the most important commandment is the first one (loving God with our all.).
      And if we keep the first commandment (loving Jesus is lovely anyway!) we will find that we will just “naturally” fulfill the second commandment and all of them. They all somehow flow out of that love-relationship with Him.
      I think it is to good to have boundaries in ones’ life, provided they come from God and as you said Bill, not from fear of man. God bless you all! Shalom!

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