On This Day – 25 Adar II

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, April 4, 2016, 25 Adar II. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes.

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  1. JAIME says:


    A very excellent point to bring out as to the proof of the Holy One of Israel….

    Hate is a state of being where one vehemently desires the complete destruction of another and everything associated with that individual…
    The thing that the “Adversary” ultimately desires is to destroy the “works” of the God… So In his line of thinking; in my opinion, “If he can destroy the “perceived” people of God, than he can demonstrate that the Word of the Lord can fail……

    Even so, I have to think that Ha Satan knows that it can’t work, but when one is consumed with hatred, it doesn’t matter, the drive to do as much damage as possible becomes his sustenance……

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