On This Day – 26 Elul

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, September 6, 2018, 26 Elul. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes.

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3 Responses to On This Day – 26 Elul

  1. Teresa Casalino says:

    Thank you. It never fails to amaze me in the manner of how many ways YHVH Elohim places ways in which to be discovered. In this case it’s about being separated.

    Over and over the point is made to be separated AND not to mix; in the manner of seeds, how not to worship, faulty weight scales, animal husbandry, His people with other people, and more.

    It’s a very good matter to contemplate and meditate on during these days of Elul. Thanks again for bringing this to our remembrance.

  2. Tammy Bush says:

    Be ye holy as He is holy seems to be the word of the day to ready ourselves for these Fall Feasts of YHWH’s. Thanks brother for reminding us to be His set apart people 🙂

  3. paul Ostoya says:

    Hi Bill

    You have some really good on this day videos and this one one of your better ones I thought. That mixing of traditions thing again and we can’t serve 2 masters as scriptures tell us. Or as saying goes how can you have a relationship with someone anyone when you don’t even know their name Yeshua.



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