On This Day – 26 Tishri

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for today, October 5, 2018, 26 Tishri. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5 minutes.

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  1. Dessie Young says:

    Holy Spirit spoke these words to me as I was ironing this morning & listening to the CD ” A Time To Advance” – prophetic singing from Glory of Zion. Then I go to FB & see your post & hear “The winds of change are blowing!” I am so blessed by The Foundation Stone I received this week. I plan to do an in-depth study on this. I first heard you on a Perry Stone program years ago. Last year I came into the 21st century & got an iPhone, then this year an iPad. I dedicated both technologies to The LORD & am using them to follow your ministry. I will soon order “Esau Rising” as I am praying for ISRAEL & The Middle East. Blessings to yiou yours!

  2. Ester says:

    Very inspiring and wise words to heed. Thank you, Bill

  3. Chuck Peterson says:

    Ann- If we can focus on just Him, and not ourselves and the problems we have, we will hear His voice and be able to obey. I saw a change coming for you (and all of us) in Israel. Just obey Him. Love to you and your family.

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