On This Day – 27 Adar II

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, April 6, 2016, 27 Adar II. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5 minutes.

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  1. eric nagel says:

    Amen, Thanks Bill. As a friend of ours said, “God is smarter than we are!”

  2. Joy Lov says:

    Hi Mr Cloud!

    I just wanted to thank You for Your Hard Work and dedication in Teaching, and sharing your life time lessons with the rest of us. I Really hear egaerly what Heavenly Father has to say through You. It brings so much clarity to my heart, mind and spirit, because it unifies the message of the Gospel, From Genesis till Revelation of Yeshua, the word from the Beginning / the whole scriptures in the context of hebrew culture / narrow road. Thanks Abba for Your Life.
    The exciment is obvious, Heavenly Father is preparing the way before The Coming of the King of Kings.
    It may get darker before The Light Comes but it is fine, we can cry for just a moment because His Joy endures for a Life time / Forever <3
    I feel very Grafted in The Vine / Yeshua and spite of all the effort from the evil one to separate the front and the back of The Book and to keep the 12 T separated I feel we are One, All Israel the Natural and the Grafted Branches. It feels exciting to belong to something bigger than us, It is always nice to listen your teachings, they remind me that I am Grafted In Yeshua and I am part of the Promise made to father Abraham.
    Thank You for the encouragment and the correction.

    May Father give you the desires of your regenerated heart!
    Blessings to You and Your Family
    Thank You for so much support to the People of God.
    Neat work, Well done !


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