On This Day – 28 Adar

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for today, March 15, 2018, 28 Adar. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6.5 minutes

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  1. mikef says:

    Bill, your devotional today interestingly might speak to my current circumstance. I met you in Ft. Walton Beach a couple months back. I spoke with you briefly about how I have been fighting legally for my now 13 year old son and that I have not seen him in a while due to fraudulent cases. We spoke about staying faithful in the midst of such a terrible situation. You said you’d have my son and I in prayer. Do you remember the conversation? I just received court related information yesterday that makes it seem like after 3.5 years of me fighting to get to a position to make the truth known (to recover a lot of time with him and for truth-sake) that is just not going to happen. I don’t seem to have the resources or the circumstances in the situation for that to become reality. It seems I may have an opportunity to start seeing my son on a limited basis and start a limited relationship with him under the false concept to the court (also fostered to him and all parties) that most of the false allegations are true and we are just going to try to re-build a (limited) father son relationship through counseling to move forward. The struggle to this inside me (one that is starting to be willing to die and give up) is that it seems like compromise and just wrong for the lies of 3.5 years (that involve a father and his greatly manipulated son) to be allowed to just remain as if it were all true. The creators (mother and her participants) of the lie get to go on with no accountability and live life like they were right (and keep close to sole custody and relationship of my son) because a court and an all-knowing psychologist seemingly validated their (fictitious) story. I think the point I’m at relates to your message today. That maybe I should just pray for my enemies who have gotten away with their plans. And allow the lie by not presenting arguments against them and just be patient and loving with my son who believes a lot of the lies about me and is somewhat militant against me. It seems like compromise to go along as if the lie is true but maybe it was never my responsibility to prove the truth. Maybe that is God’s department. I know I threw a lot at you and hopefully you understand what I’m saying. You mentioned something about not being at conflict with our enemies and such that I thought my current situation might apply to that. If you have any thoughts, let me know. Thanks, Mike

    • Bill says:

      Mike; I indeed remember you and our conversation. I prayed and will pray for you and this situation you find yourself grappling with. I invite others on this site who see this to join in prayer for our brother. Hoping for good things in His time. Shalom.

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