On This Day – 28 Kislev

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for December 16, 2017, 28 Kislev. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 6 minutes

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3 Responses to On This Day – 28 Kislev

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you Bill, you cannot reiterate enough about NOT taking up arms and hiding, amen!

  2. jazwickl says:

    Thanks Bill, such encouragement for these dark days. These latter days are proving to be filled with much deception and lies from the adversary….it’s reassuring to hear your words of truth spoken in love to keep my soul at peace. I get the feeling that left to my own devices…. I might prove to be quite the anxious zealot….and do more damage than good to those around me.

  3. JAIME says:


    It is not without precedent that the Servant needs to follow in his Lord’s obedience, of course.

    I glean that the Lord is acknowledging a future event reoccurring and like you, I believe we are on the footings of the fulfillment of this “truth”.

    I also acknowledge that there will also be a time to rise up and join the ranks of the Lord’s militia by “preparing” oneself with the supplies and arms which will certainly be needed in this Holy War…

    Make no mistake about this; it is a “Holy War” for u; but to the enemy, it is their “Unholy War”
    I hope people really awaken to this fact.

    Has not Scripture stated that the reason why Evil grows in the land is when “good men” do nothing ?

    Good Men (Scriptural Good) need to get their uniform out of the closet, dust off their shoes and helmets, and polish their armor.

    The Lord your God warned you so that you would be prepared because “Your service” is needed EVERYWHERE….

    Shalom, shalom

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