On This Day – 28 Tishri

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Shalom. Here is our devotional for today, October 7, 2018, 28 Tishri. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 5 minutes.

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  1. Ester says:

    Hoshiana, ABBA YHWH!

  2. JAIME says:


    Excellent point hermano….

    My eyes have always seen the Lord’s most “prominent essence” to be ABA…

    Consider the majesty of holding a newborn baby in your arms; especially, your own and looking into the eyes of the Creator’s unfathomable Glory…

    What ? doesn’t it make one reflect at that very moment your heart is beating out of your chest with AWE….

    Try wrapping your head around the fact that YHVH “designed” the feelings of the intimacies of Life….
    He knows exactly how we would feel when we would look into the eyes of another complete part of us…

    Just as our children bear our image and likeness so do we in the Spiritual bear the likeness and image of our Father….. which ever we choose…..

    Personally; every child is born with the unforgettable scent of Heaven…. and those who are parents I believe can relate…

    I actually look at ABA as…………Alef-Beyt-alef …… or……. ABa
    With the ending Alef being smaller…

    Alef / Adoni – Beyt / House – \ alef / child Adoni…. After all; the purpose of the second letter is bear fruit isn’t it ?

    Thoughts of the Wild… Shalom

  3. JAIME says:


    Don’t we put our name on our Children ?

  4. JAIME says:

    ……….. AND; by the way, I also see the parable of the Sower in ABA….

    Alef is the Sower & Seed, Beyt is the House into which it is sown, the ending Alef is the Fruit, which is also the Sower & the Seed as well…

    I apparently had an extra shekel laying around….

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