On This Day – 3 Adar II

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Shalom! Here is our devotional for today, March 13, 2016, 3 Adar II. Hope you are blessed. Approximately 7 minutes.

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  1. Chuck Peterson says:

    These are my morning coffee!

  2. Elsie Ogle says:

    what a encouraging word today. thank you Bill

  3. JAIME says:

    It would be an understatement to say that I earnestly can relate…

    This is the “darkness” that forges our faith, that place where the silence has but one voice that asks; “do you believe” ?

    So, THE BIG QUESTION: Do you believe that the Lord will act on your behalf ?

    The Lord gave me a permanent answer that is as clear and profound as one is able to grasp…
    “it is not whether to believe that the Lord will act “for us” that we should ponder; but rather in “trusting/believing” that the Lord will “UPHOLD HIS WORD”
    In other words; if you believe that “HIS WORD IS TRUTH” then it is “HIS REPUTATION” ON THE LINE…., Comprende ?

    “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not int thine own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge HIM, and “he will direct thy paths”
    Proverbs 3:5

    “Teach me good judgement and knowledge, for I have believed in thy commandments”
    Psalm 119: TETH

    The strength of your ability to believe that His Word is ABSOLUTE TRUTH is the “foundation” if you will, of your “Faith”…, and after all, isn’t that the heart of it ?

    “I’ve remembered thy judgements of old and have comforted myself” Psalm 119: ZAIN

    “Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold. Therefore I esteem “ALL” thy precepts concerning all things to be right, and I hate every false way…
    Psalm 119 : AIN

    I hope this too will help someone…

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